October Autocross Moved

The last autocross has bee moved from October 4th to 18th due to numerous conflicts. The schedule has been adjusted to reflect this.  Thanks, John

Monthly meetings relocated !

We are moving the monthly meetings to the South Side Paducah Los Amigos as of the September meeting. Because that meeting directly follows Sundays RallyX the meeting may be moved also. We will keep members notified.   Thanks, John

Board Elections

The October business meeting will begin the process of board elections.

We will be looking for nominations for the following Board of Directors:
Regional Executive
Assistant Regional Executive
Activities Chairman

These persons should be available to come to the monthly meetings, attend and oversee the events, and generally take charge of the duties as needed. They have to be present and willing to be nominated at the meeting and be a member.

You can read the duties of the Board here:

Monthly Meeting schedules

We are implementing a new policy. In the case that a monthly meeting is schedule the day following an event, that meeting will be the following week. Otherwise they are currently staying 2nd Monday of the month at Los Garcia's.