New SCCA members 1st event free !

The club will be offering "First Event FREE!" for new members the remainder of 2015. Bring your new card or printout with "member since" date from the website as proof. Thanks.

Region Status work

If you have been to a board meeting you are likely aware that the club is working on Region status this year with the hope to be a self contained Region beginning January 1st 2016. The following link is a draft document of the Region Bylaws we plan to implement as of 2016. Please feel me to send any commentary, corrections, or suggestions, as to the information and form in this document and I will take it to the Bylaws committee.

This document should be reviewed by as many members as possible and is being released to the general membership and public as a draft. We will approve the bylaws at the next monthly membership meeting for forwarding to the National Board to be approved. The logo will be amended prior to submission. Thanks.

(update 7/15/2015) Bylaws where approved by the general membership at the monthly meeting.