The links below lead to several forms and information that may be helpful before you compete at an event.

Points System (Current as of Mar 2017)

Auto-X Points

Rally-X Points

Auto-X/Solo Cars and Rules

Read the Frequently Asked Questions to begin.

Please read the Helmet Certifications if you plan to bring your own.

Also the Category Allowances will be helpful to get your car class worked out. Solo Cars and Rules


The West Kentucky Region has implemented a new Supplmental Class -- Grand Touring.

The purpose of Grand Touring is to attract automobile enthusiasts who are currently interested and/or participating in Optima®, Ultimate Street Car Association®, or other similar events for “tuned or heavily modified street driven vehicles”. These commonly found builds by auto enthusiasts would typically have been placed in a Street Modified class against competition running full sets of slicks. This class makes a bit more tangible sense to the individuals who not only daily drive with their builds, but want to enter into competition against similar vehicles as well. The emphasis is competition based on streetable 200utg tires.

Basic Overview

Full Interior Classes (Vehicles must weigh, at a minimum, 95% of the factory published curb weight)

GT (Grand Touring)
3200 pound minimum weight.   2WD sedans or coupes with a minimum of 4 seats as well as trucks (example – BMW M3 E36, Pontiac GTO, Toyota Supra)
GTS (Grand Touring Sports)
3200 pound minimum weight.  2WD sports cars with a minimum of 2 seats AND any AWD vehicle (example – Chevrolet Corvette, Subaru WRX, Nissan GT-R R32)
GTL (Grand Touring Lights)
Vehicles under 3200 pounds – (example – Honda Civic Si, Toyota MR2, Nissan 240SX, Dodge SRT-4 )

Gutted/Prepared Classes

GTX (Grand Touring Xtreme)
All 2WD sedans/coupes (models which were originally equipped with a minimum of four seats and four factory seat belts), all FWD (front-wheel-drive) cars, and pickup trucks (Nissan 240SX, Mazda RX-8, Honda CR-X)
GTU (Grand Touring Ultra)
All 2-seater sports cars “except FWD cars (Mazda Miata, Mitsubishi Evolution, Chevrolet Corvette)

Complete GT rules can be found Here

Rally-X Rules

Most people are probably just looking for page 27 of the Rulebook.

Please read the Helmet Certifications if you plan to bring your own.

You should consult with our Rally-X event coordinators if you have questions on the legality of that Skyjacker suspension.

RallyX Cars and Rules

Minor Forms

must be signed by parents or guardians before the minor is allowed to participate in the event


We have them if you need one mailed or at an event.

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